Tuition and Financial Aid

2021-22 Tuition

Catholic: An official Baptismal Certificate verifying your child’s baptism in the Catholic Church must be produced.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade

  • One Child $4,300.00
  • Two Children $6,950.00
  • Three Children $9,300.00

Non-Catholic: For any child who was not baptized in the Catholic Church or no official certificate is produced.

Kindergarten through 8th Grade

  • One Child $4,450.00
  • Two Children $7,100.00
  • Three Children $9,500.00


Application Fee: $75

Registration Fee: Upon acceptance the registration fee of $150 is due within 10 days from acceptance to secure the child’s seat.
Once your registration fee has been paid, your child’s seat is secure until June 15, 2021, or 15 days after acceptance if after June 15th, 2021. When your tuition payments begin your child’s seat will remain secure
as long as your account is current.

Enrichment Program Fee: Kindergarten through 8th Grade – $200.00
There is a fee to cover the cost of books, special content subjects, Art, Music, S.T.E.M Lab, and Technology materials. This fee is due by May 8, 2021. This fee must be paid before your tuition will be accepted. Families registering after May 8th will be given 15 days after the date of acceptance to submit this fee.

Family Participation Fee: A $200.00 fee will be added to the tuition rates above. The fee is only
added into your tuition one time regardless of the number of children you have registered. Families who
participate in fundraisers (candy sales, Christmas sale, etc.) totaling $400.00, will receive a credit of
$200.00 to their March 15, 2022 payment.

Financial Aid

Partial tuition assistance for the 2020-21 school year is available through Futures in Education!

Financial aid is available for eligible students in grades K to 8 who attend a Catholic Academy or Parish School within the Diocese of Brooklyn. Families must meet financial eligibility requirements to be considered.

The deadline to apply is March 31, 2021, for families already receiving assistance and April 30, 2021, for new families.

Apply now and find more information about Futures in Education scholarship programs.

FACTS is a third-party vendor selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments. To learn more about Futures in Education, please visit