Students at St. Clare Catholic AcademyClasses in Grades Pre-K through 8 follow a broad academic program which includes a fully equipped library, computer lab (grades K-8th), gym (grades PK to 8th) and science lab (grades PK – 8th).

Additional services include: Guidance Counselor, Remedial Reading/Math Teacher, Title I Services

In addition to the NYS and Diocesan Curriculum, St. Clare Catholic Academy has the following available:

Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program, Music Program grades PK-6, Spanish Grades 4-8, Health grades 4-8

St. Clare is a Catholic Academy and Catholic Doctrine is taught in every grade. We encourage our students, Catholic and Non-Catholic, to participate in the religious activities of their faiths.

Faith is not just theoretical knowledge but is shown in how we choose to celebrate our lives. We urge all our students to make moral choices both now and in the future.

Students are encouraged to join and participate in the following extracurricular activities.

  • CYO Basketball
  • Positive Direction Basketball
  • African Dance Pre-K-8
  • Hip Hop Dance Pre-K-8
  • Girl Scouts
  • Choir 2-8
  • Step- grades 3-8
  • Volleyball – grades 5-8
  • Piano Lessons Pre-K-8
  • Leaders Program
  • School Band


Extended Day Care
To accommodate working parents, St. Clare Catholic Academy has a Morning Program and an After School Program available Monday through Friday. These programs follow the school calendar.

Early Morning Program: The Early Morning Program is located on the first floor. This program begins at 7am and continues until 8, at which time the students are dismissed into the gym. Cost: 1 Child – $7 per day; 2 Children – $11 per day; 3 Children – $15 per day

Early Morning Weekly Rate: Must be paid Monday Morning of the start of the week the student is attending. Cost: 1 Child – $30 per week; 2 Children – $50 per week; 3 Children $70 per week. Child/Children who arrive on the school’s property prior to 8am and are NOT arriving on the yellow school bus will be sent to the Morning Program and be charged.

After School Program: The St. Clare Clare Catholic Academy After School Program is available Monday through Friday from dismissal to 6:30pm. This program follows the school calendar. Refer to the calendar each month. The program provides a snack, the opportunity for children to complete their homework, and free time.

The cost of this program is $15 per day for one child on regular school days and $20 per day for one child on half days of school. Discounts apply for siblings. Weekly discounts are available if the weekly fee is paid in full on the Monday of that week.