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April !6, 2019

Dear Parents,

My sincerest apologies for not posting the new list of words.Time did not permit me to do so. The Math Home work for tomorrow is–  Sadlier Math Volume 2. Review page 418. Show how you get your answers . Do page 419 and 420.

Every child is given a packet for Spring Break. Please ensure that these are returned on the first day of school after the break.

Have a blessed Easter. 

April 11, 2019


    1.    500 -247

     Write <   >   or = in the circle

     2.     546 (    )  247

      3.    64 (   )  64

       4. 126  (   )  276

   Write in order from least to greatest

     5.  276, 492, 196, 287, 54.

     Write in order from greatest to least

    6. 345, 297, 336, 447, 295.

   Spelling and Vocabulary

   Review lists for test on Friday 12, 2019

    Correct all words from pretest.

 Review animal and homes for Vocabulary.


April 10, 2019


Sadlier Math Vol.2

Pages  333 and 334.


April 09, 2019.


Sadlier Math Volume 2

Pages 328 and 330


Review last two lists. pretest on Wednesday 10, 2019.




April 08, 2019


Sadlier Math Volume 2

Page 324


No new list is given. Students are to review the last two lists given. last list begins with green and ends with belief. next list begins with steak and ends with metal.


Paragraphs begun in class are to be completed.Too much time was taken to rewrite two paragraphs of 5 sentences each.





April 04, 2019


Sadlier Math, Volume 2

Pages 315 and 316.

REVIEW  Spelling words and Vocabulary for review test on Friday 05, 2019.

Social Studies

List at lesat ten( 10) jobs that people do to earn money to provide for their needs.

 Write list under heading Jobs that people do. List must be written in Social Studies Note Book.


April 03, 2019


Sadlier Math Volume 2

Pg. 311 and 312, Practice.

Spelling words are to be corrected, each word 3 times.


April 02, 2019


Sadlier Math, Volume 2

Complete pg 304 numbers 7 and 8.

Do page 305 number 1

Do Homework on page 306. Do not draw lines for Numbers 3 to 5. Exercise must be done as in class.

Spelling pretest on Wednesday, April 03, 2019.

Vocabulary; Review plurals, Animal homes.


April 01, 2019.


Students have been given Volume Two Of the Sadlier Math as a continuation of Sadlier Math Volume 2. Parents, please ensure that the books are kept in a good condition.

Sadlier Math Volume 2, Page 302.

Spelling: Review Words

Vocabulary: Review Plurals, Animal Babies, Animal Homes.


March 29, 2019

Spelling List.

steak,       stain,         great,         plain,        break,       explain,

stay,          table,        holiday,      cable,       yesterday,      fable,

bottle,         pollution,     metal.

Writing.  I am aware that no written homework is supposed to be given at weekends. This exercise is just  to ensure that students can write sentences on a given topic. Parents I would be grateful for your help. 

Write at least 10 sentences on MY  FAVORITE  FOOD. What it is, what ingredients does it consist of, how it is prepared, why it is my favorite.
















































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