Grade 2 Homework and Daily Reminders

2nd Grade Homework And Daily Reminders:


-Please check homework folders…Today we had an award ceremony!

Congrats 2nd Grade!!!

Thursday and Friday/ 12 pm Dismissal (bring water with a lite snack or lunch on these days)

Test Folders went home yesterday, inside the folder is the 3rd Grade Supply List with the Final Grades. Please read the cover letter that is attached to the 3rd Grade Supply List.

-Monday June 26th Last Day of School 10 am Dismissal/No After School

No Homework This Week (Continue to bring your homework folder everyday)

-This week students will begin to bring home workbooks please keep these books home.



-Wednesday , Thursday, and Friday 12 pm

-Monday June 26th Last Day of School 10 am Dismissal/No After School


1. Read: Moving Day (Story From ELA Progress Book)




-Field Day Monday Please wear Gym Clothes and Bring a Bottle of Water (with your name labeled)


1. Reading Log



June 15, 2017


1. Math Benchmark Workbook pages 60-67

2. Reading Log


June 14, 2017


-Tomorrow Reading/Grammar?Final

-Monday June 19 Field Day (Wear Gym Clothes and Sneakers)


1. Math Benchmark Book pages 53-59

2. Reading Log


June 13 2017


-Tomorrow Math Final

-Thursday Reading/Grammar Final


1. Math Benchmark Workbook pages 47-51

2. Reading Log


June 12, 2017


-Tomorrow is a $1.00 Dress Down

-Religion Final Tomorrow (Use the study guide to review)

-Math Final Wednesday

-Reading/Grammar Final Thursday


1. Study For Religion Final (Use the study guide)

2. Grammar Worksheet

3. Math Benchmark Book Pages 38-41 /Questions 16-26

4. Read and Log


June 9, 2017


-Science Final Monday (Study Guide/Vocab Words Listed Below)

-Religion Final Tuesday (Study Guide Listed Below)

-Math Final Wednesday

-Reading/Grammar Thursday

-Please sign and return Test Folders, Check Homework Folders

-Special Person Dance Tonight


1. Use the Science Study Guide to Study For the Science Final

2. Math Benchmark Workbook pages 32-37 Questions #1-15


June 8,2017


-Social Studies Final Tomorrow (Use the study guide)

-Spelling Test Tomorrow

-Science Final Monday ( Study Guide is listed below Chapters 1-3 4-7 will be listed tomorrow)

-Special Persons Dance Tomorrow


1. Grammar Worksheet

2. Reading Log

3. Practice Workbook pages 147-150

4. Math Benchmark Workbook pages 24-27


Religion Final Study Guide:

1. Free will is God’s gift that allows us to make choices.

2. The New Testament is about Jesus Christ and the beginning of the Church.

3. Conscience is God’s gift that helps us to know right and wrong.

4. The Eucharist is the sacrament?of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

5. We are called to love and serve ?God in different ways.

6. The word gospel means good news.

7. Sin is any thought, word, or act that we freely choose to commit, even though we know it is wrong.

8. In the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the gifts of bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ.

9. The leader of the Church who continues the work of Saint Peter is the pope.

10. All Catholics everywhere share and celebrate the same sacraments.

11. The most important prayer in the Mass is the Eucharistic?prayer.

12. The Resurrection is Jesus’ rising from the dead.

13. The Church celebrates seven special signs called sacraments.

14. Talking ?and listening to God is prayer.

15. The Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ disciples on Pentecost.

16. At Mass, the priest or deacon’s homily helps us to lead the Church.

17. An apostle is one of the 12 men chosen by Jesus to lead the Church.

18. The Blessed Trinity is the 3 Persons in one God.

19. The Church is all the people who are baptized in Jesus Christ and follow his teachings.

20. The Great Commandment is Jesus’ teaching to love God and others.

21. At Baptism we become children of God and members of the Church. We are freed form sin and given grace, a share in God’s life.

22. The sacrament of Confirmation seals us with the Gift of the Holy Spirit and strengthens?us.

23. At the sacrament?of Reconciliation we receive and celebrate God’s forgiveness of our sins.

24. When the Church celebrates the Eucharist we continue to celebrate what Jesus did at the Last Supper. The Eucharist is the sacrament of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Another name for the celebration of the Eucharist?is the Mass. ?

25. Mary is the greatest saint because she is a holy woman and because she is so close to God. She is Jesus’ mother and Jesus honored her. She was always filled with grace and did what God wanted her to do.


Science Final Study Guide:Vocabulary Words;

Chapter 1: Plants

1. Minerals from the soil helps plants stay healthy.

2. Seeds are part of the plant that can grow into a new plant.

3. Fruits are part of the plant that grows around the seeds.

4. Flowers helps plants to grow seeds.

5. Pollen makes seeds grow inside flowers.

6. A seed goes through life cycles stages as it grows into a plant.

7. Pollen is the powder made by flowers.

8. Plants give off oxygen when they make food for themselves.

Chapter 2: Animals

9. Mammals are a group of animals that has hair or fur on their bodies.

10. Amphibians are a group of animals that can live in water and on land.

11. Snakes are reptiles.

12. An animal that is being hunted by another animal is called a prey.

13. An animal that hunts another animal for food is called a predator.

14. A cat, bird, caterpillar, and a plant are an example of a food chain.

15. A shelter is a place where animal a can live and be safe.

16. Butterflies go through 4 stages called a life cycle as they grow into adults.

17. Pupa are the stage in a butterfly’s life right before the adult stage.

18. A caterpillar appears in the larva stage of a butterfly’s life.

Chapter 3: Land Habitats

19. Woodland forest has 4 seasons and where there is enough rain and light for trees to grow well.

20. A habitat is a place called where plants and animals find what they need to live.

21. Migrate is when animals move from one habitat to another.

22. The rain forest are where the tops of trees get a lot of sunlight but not as much sunlight reaches the ground.

23. A desert is a habitat is where it is very dry and gets less rain in a year than most plants and animals need to live.

24. Rain forest is a habitat where it rain almost every day.

25. The Arctic is a habitat that has snow on the ground for much of the year.

26. ?A stream is a fresh water habitat with moving water.

27. An ocean is a large body of salt water.

28. A stream is a body of water that salmon swim in to find a place to lay eggs.

29. A pond is a fresh water habitat that stays in one place.

30. A food web is a group of several food chains that are connected together.

31. Recycle is when waste is made into new things and used again.

32. Pollution is waste that harms land, water, or air.

Chapter 5: Weather and Earth Changes

33. Heat evaporates water.

34. Water Vapor is water that goes into the air.

35. Precipitation is rain, snow, and hail.

36. Water Cycle is when the water moves between the ground and the sky over and over.

37. Erosion is when water or wind wears down something.

38. An earthquake is when the ground shakes because of a shift of Earth’s crust.

39. A landslide is the sudden movement of soil down a hill.

Chapter 6:Earth Yesterday and Today

40. A fossil is a print in rock from long ago.

41. A paleontologist?is a scientist who studies fossils.

42. A skeleton is a full set of bones.

43. Extinct means died out.

44. Endangered means in danger of becoming extinct.

45. Fossils are animal prints preserved form the past.

Chapter 7: The Sun and Earth

46. The Sun is the star that gives Earth it’s light and warmth.

47. An axis is the imaginary line that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole.

48. Earth rotates or spins around on it’s axis.

49. When we have summer our part of the Earth tilts towards the Sun.

50. When sunlight hits our part of Earth on a slant, it is winter.

51. The equator is the imaginary line that separates the northern part of Earth from the southern part.

52. An orbit is the path around the Sun that takes the Earth 365 days to complete.


—————————————————————————————————————————June 6, 2017


-Social Studies Final Friday (Study Guide in Folder/and Listed Below)

-Special Persons Dance Friday


1. Spelling Words: midway, midweek, misbehave, midyear, mismatch

-Write each word 3x each with a complete sentence and define each word in the blue ELA ?notebook

2. Grammar Worksheet

3. Practice Workbook pages 145-146

4. Math Benchmark Workbook pages 9-11 (show your work in the provided space if needed)

5. Reading Log


June 5, 2017


Finals will begin Friday with Social Studies. please check the ?schedule.

-Tomorrow Reading/Grammar Test on Cowboys

-Tomorrow Math Test on Measurement (Math Quiz are in the Homework Folder)

-Friday Social Studies Final (Please use the study guide listed below)


1. Spelling Words: midair, misplace, mislead, misprint, midday

-Write each word 3x each with a complete sentence and define each word in the blue ELA notebook

2. Grammar Worksheet

3. Practice Workbook pages 139-140 and 143-144

4. Math Worksheet

5. No Reading Log Tonight?


June 2, 2017


-Final Schedule went home today, please check homework folders

-Test Folders went home today, sign and return Monday?

-Monday Math Quiz on Measurement and Religion 19 Test (Study Guide Listed Below)

-Tuesday Reading/Grammar Test and Math Measurement Test

-Alter Server Forms went home for those who are interested being an Alter Server for St. Clare’s Church



1. Reading Comprehension?Questions for Cowboy

2. Grammar Worksheet

3. Math Worksheets

4. Reading Log


Religion Chapter 19 Study Guide:?

-Jesus want us to share his love and peace with others.2.?

-Another name for the Eucharist is the Blessed Sacrament

-The Blessed Sacrament is kept in the tabernacle.

-The Blessed Sacrament is brought as Holy Communion to those who are not able to join the parish community for Mass.

-The Blessed Sacrament?strengthens everyone who receives it.?

-A special light or candle near the tabernacle reminds us that Jesus is present there.

-At the end of Mass the deacon or priest?sends us out to share God’s love with others

-Receiving Jesus in Holy Communion helps us to love God and others.?

-What did the early Christians do to spread Jesus’ love and peace? (page 225)

-What are some ways you can share God’s love with others?


Social Studies Final Vocabulary Words To Know:

Unit 1: Skills: Be able to use a calendar to answer questions.

1. A suburb is a community just outside a city.

2. Tradition is a special way of doing something.

3. People who belong to the same family as someone else are relatives.

4. A way of moving people or goods from one place to another place is called transportation.

5. A treasure can be something that has meaning because it has been passed down from one family member to another.


Unit 2: Skills: Be able to use a map and a compass to answer?questions. Be able to identify land forms?on a map.

6. A capital is where the leaders of a state work.

7. The name of the continent we live on is North America.

8. The United States is the name of the country we live.

9. The country to the north of the United States is Canada.

10. Air, water, and trees are all natural resources.

11. An lake body of water with land all around it.

12. Valleys are low lands between hills or mountain

13. A river is a long body of water that flows across the land.

14. A mountain is the highest kind of land.

15. An island is land that has water all around it.


Unit 3: Skills😕Be able to read a flow chart to show how peanuts get from the farm to a store

16. A factory is a building where things?are made.

17. Things that people make or grow are called goods.

18. A service is something useful that people do for others.

19. Sending goods to another country and then getting other goods is called a trade.

20. Something you must have in order to live is called needs.

21. People who sell things are providing a service.


Unit 4: Skills: Be able to use a timeline to answer questions

22. A citizen is a member of a country, state, or community.

23. Money that people pay to a community is called a tax.

24. A law is a rule for the community.

25. The President is the leader of our country.

26. People vote to choose or decide something.


Unit 5: Skills: Be able to use a grid map to answer questions

27. The first people to live in America were the Native Americans.?

28. Many years later, explorers?came from Europe. They hoped to find gold.

29. People from Europe came to live in places like Jamestown and St. Augustine. These people were called colonists.

30. When one person owns another it is called slavery.

31. Over the years the United States became crowed, so some people moved to the West. Others moves north. These people were called pioneers.


Unit 6: Skills: Be able to use a bar graph to answer?questions

32. Ben Franklin was a scientist and an inventor. He also helped to write the Constitution.

33. Special days that we celebrate are called holidays

34. Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians ina fight to stay on the land where they lived.

35. On Labor Day we honor people who work.

36. Sojourner Truth was once a slave. She help people who escaped form slavery to find homes.

37. The Gateway Arch is in St. Louis, Missouri, it helps us remember the pioneers.

38. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

39. The Golden Gate Bridge?is like a gate to the city of San Francisco.

40. The Alamo is a fort in Texas. It is a place where people from Texas fought to be free form Mexico.

41. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. It stands for people who came to our country looking for better lives.


June 1, 2017


-Spelling and Religion Chapter 18 Test Tomorrow

-Tomorrow Finals Schedule Will Be Sent Home, Please Check Homework Folders

-Monday Math Quiz on Measurement and Religion Test Chapter 19

-Tuesday Math Test on Measurement

-Starting Monday Review Sheets Will Be Sent Home

-Tuesday Reading/Grammar Test On Cowboys/Commas When Combining Sentences

-Friday Special Persons Dance 7pm-10pm


Writing Project: Due Friday May 5th?

-Task:To Write An Ad To Get Members To Join Your Club

1. Named Club On The Ad___10pts

2. Named Where The Club Is Located____10pts

3. Named The Day Or Days When Your Club Meets____10pts

4. Named The Time When The Club Meets____10pts

5. Named And List The Activities That Your Club Does___10pt

6. Used 2-3 Vocabulary Words In Your Ad (236 in the reading book)_____10pts

7. Wrote Complete Sentences____10pts

8. Used Punctuation Marks Correctly____10pts

9. Neatness/Used Pictures____10pts

10. Used A Poster Board/ Handed In On Time_____10pts


Book Report Rubric

1. Genre_________10pts

2. Named Title, Author, and Illustrator_____10pts

3. Named Characters________10pts

4. Named And Described The Setting______?10pts

5. Events: Used The Words First, Next, Then, And Finally/Last To Show Order Of Events In The Story____10pts

6. Big Idea/Theme Of The Story: Write What The Characters In The Story Learned______10pts

7. Neatness______10pts

8. Checked Spelling_______10pts

9. Used Punctuation Marks Correctly______10pts

10. Wrote Complete Sentences________10pts


Act Of Contrition Prayer:

O my God,I am heartily sorry for?having offended you,and I detest all my sins,

because I dread the loss?of ?heaven,?and the pains of hell;

but most of all because?they offend you, my God,

Who are all good and?deserving of all my love.

I firmly resolve?with the help of your grace,?to confess my sins,?to do penance,?and to amend my life.